Evening photographs of subway

This photo shows an average evening around 6pm, although it is very well lit you can see how each person is completely keeping to themselves and not even looking around. From this image you can see how long the subway is and how although it is very well lit, its still quite harsh, cold and intimidating. The top part, and also the area ‘welcoming’ you into the subway, is very unattractive and starts you off with this bad, ugly imagery.

This entire area is a lot more lit than I anticipated. This poses a problem to what I had been imaging and hoping to fix. I think that I got too into the idea rather than properly researching the space in all its elements.

In response to these two images, I have thought about how to make the walk up to the subway and the subway itself ‘flow’.


This photo shows how the wall leading you into the subway is quite unkept and unattractive. This needs some attention as well as the subway itself as this also plays a big part, I feel, in the whole journey through the subway.




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