adfyd a ddwg wybodaeth, a gwybodaeth ddoethineb

-adversity brings knowledge and knowledge wisdom.

Thinking about how I want my piece to reach out and attract the public, as we are in Wales, I think it would be very powerful to use a good Welsh quote. I think the use of the Welsh language is sadly deteriorating, and it is always nice to see people using it and proud of where they are from. I am not from Wales, but I want to use their language to show my appreciation and respect. I would also include the English tIMG_4397ranslation because most people don’t actually know the Welsh language, and so I don’t want them to see this piece and just ignore it.

Living in Wales, you do kind of grow a automatic reaction to see the welsh language but ignore it. By putting this in such a large font, I am basically pushing it in passer by’s faces, forcing them to look at it. I want them to see it, and really read the work because the content is important. I think this is a powerful quote and I hope others will agree; I’m hoping it will bring a positive vibe to anyone who has or is experiencing adversity and to tell them that it’s not all bad and good will come.



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