laura thomas celtic triptych
Laura Thomas, Celtic Triptych (2008). I’ve included this image because this is the piece that inspired me with what I’m planning right now. I really like the way she uses textiles with glass and in the Celtic colours.

There’s something about a triptych, or a series of pieces that gives it the story-line feel. I like there to be a story in my work, a journey almost. For my own, I think I will take inspiration from Thomas, by using the same shaped formats but slight differences in the work itself. Instead of having the three next to each other in a consecutive line, I’d like to space them out throughout different underground walkways to link them together.

Also the ‘Celtic’ part of this piece is very important. Coming from a small town in England to Cardiff, I’ve noticed just how patriotic Welsh people are. I think it’s important to appreciate this and use it within my work.

“Using my trademark technique of seemingly loose threads cast in acrylic resin, these pieces have an added extra: light reflective thread. When light hits the threads, you get a wonderful flash of light in the same way as light hitting safety clothing at night.” As part of my research I have been looking through this blog; I really like her work and the way she uses different materials. I’ve started to gain a new appreciation for textiles work and hoping to play around with textiles in order to use it in one of my future pieces. As I’ve been thinking about the importance of light in subways and areas at night, this piece has an influence on my work too.


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