Slight idea change

So I was thinking about the problems with my London tube inspired idea: it isn’t relevant for Cardiff as they are such different cities. I started thinking about Cardiff as a city; small, quite friendly, lots of different cultures, history, the news, layout, people.

I thought about how Cardiff have a lot of subway tunnel places for pedestrians to walk through. In my past work where I looked at Cardiff city, I had film photographs of people walking through these with quite an eerie feel to it. This led me on to thinking about the recent sexual attacks in the city.

I thought about how I could create a piece of work that has elements of personal thoughts regarding these sexual attacks, and yet also has a function (light up the dark eerie tunnel).

I know for a fact I want to include text into my work, a possible idea is:

“wherever you go and however you dress no means no and yes means yes”


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