Field to Subject

I had this quote I really liked; I thought it was quite inspiring:

Be conscious of what’s inside you

My plan was to make some sort of layered pattern thing using water soluble paper- including the words sewn in.

I originally heard these words in conversation, but it stood out to me so much that I couldn’t forget it. I think other people may share this experience, and so I want to make it stand out so more people have the opportunity to see them.

However when I started this piece, I made what I thought looked similar to a finger print. I continued this- linking back to my identity research (in subject). I wanted it to be subtle, so I used white cotton and silver bobbin to see the little lines.

I didn’t want it to be a perfect finger print- more of when you press it with paint on it. I really like the texture and pattern that is produced. In the middle my needle actually snapped, so then I thought I could write the caption there.. But I thought maybe it would ruin the simplicity of this finger print which I was growing to like.

When I was dissolving the paper, a grey/black pattern emerged around the material.. Giving it an attractive contrast. So I recaptured this on the canvas.

I like how this piece emerged by serendipity and actually I am quite happy with it in terms of my subject project.



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