This artist stands out to me for making public art, but also for reaching out to the public and trying to reach out to them on a deeper level. Goodwin’s project ‘Breathe’ (2012) was projected for 3 w03_Breathe_Cityscape_Thierry_Baleeks in a very popular and ‘highly influential’ area; it was on St Thomas Hospital, looking at the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. I think the area he and the people he collaborated with, was chosen perfectly to get his work seen and also to convey the message. The work was a continuous video of 1300’s sketched drawings of a 5 year old boy- the fact it was a video and not just 1 or lots of sketches, allowed the movement and the appearance of physical breathing and life. The idea behind this piece was to encourage people to think about the act of breathing, and in such a populated area, what is being inhaled – ‘invisible dust’. I think the use of a young child is also very powerful, because children are more vulnerable and innocent. Consciously seeing a child breathing in this way, and surrounded by traffic and large buildings, could make the viewer think more about the air pollution and feel guilty and worried about health factors.

I really appreciate public work like this because it does have an important message and can effect people and the way we live for the better. I think it also has a nice way of pulling the community together.


I looked at this website:



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