Internalism vs Externalism.

Where is the mind?

At first I immediately think that the mind is in our heads; I thought that our brain controls everything we do. I think this was naive of me to think, I hadn’t considered any external points.

After studying the consciousness, I still feel so undecided and confused at the concepts (although I definitely feel slightly less ignorant as I am able to consider more factors I used to, and most people still, overlook). I agree that our brain controls how we perceive, see, relay information, recognise etc. However, it is not all down to the brain. The spot the difference tests that include a flash showed that the brain cannot keep an image in our heads, that we rely on the outside world to show us.

There are whole body, near death experiences. How can that be explained?

Having memories from an organ donation?

Stomach having 100m neurons. Second brain


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