Art in the Conscious Mind

The relationship between mind and world

William James, who was one of the founding fathers of psychologies, believed consciousness is a selecting agency. I quite liked the way he explained it, and I can understand it and agree. I also liked Sigmund Freud’s explanation; “a sense organ for the perception of psychical qualities” (p.776). Francis Crick and Christof Koch had an interesting way of describing the consciousness which I also agree with. They said it is about negotiating the world and reacting to the world.

We touched on Susan Blakemore in the lecture however didn’t have time to go into detail- so I watched this video after Within this, she explains about the Grand Illusion Theory. At first I was very hesitent about this theory, because I couldn’t understand how it can all be an illusion. However, now, I’m intrigued. A definition of illusion that interested me; “Perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature” (Webster).

Learning about Internalism/ representationalism particularly interested me because it is something I agree with and understand but i have never given it much thought until now.

In relation to artists and paintings, we looked at Turner, Monet and Kadinsky. I found it quite a shock to discover that Turner was not appreciated and in fact criticised in his time because people were unable to see what his paintings were. Until being showed another of his lesser known paintings, where there were areas that we couldn’t even depict.

I really like all three artists style of painting, and would like to experiment within my own practice. I think it would be relevant also to my own subject project. I am researching identity, and i feel like identity is very misinterpreted which can be reflected by this style of painting.


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