• Identity. Whose handprint is it? What is it representing?
  • Links to historic hand-prints, cave walls, cultural context
  • Forensics. Prints used to identify people in crime.
  • Used as a signature?
  • Uniqueness
  • Paint used looks quite think, and as if it has been pressed twice.
  • Not a full hand print, so maybe it wasn’t held for long?


  • Perfectly round- shows precision, definite shape, minimalist?
  • Difficult to get perfect roundness in ceramics?
  • Quite large


  • Could be used for dinner parties, food, for show, to hang on the wall as art, no use at all.


  • Dark- predominately black.
  • Textured- it’t not a block colour, you can see little specks of a lighter colour underneath, lines in the texture almost looks similar to a stitched material.

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