Subject set up 

IMG_0117 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0118

This is my display for my final piece in subject. I have hung the three boxes using screws in the wall. They are all in level and are equidistant from each other. This set up clearly outlines the uniqueness of each box. I like the way a triptych can allow the audience to see the piece as a whole but also move from one section to another. In my piece, there is a story line related to pain. The pain people feel within themselves for whatever reason, has been displayed inside separate boxes- the box represents the body.

For me this piece represents the pain felt in a relationship. The printed image has a provacative element to it, along with pain from the squeezing and nails. I like how in this image, you can see the lines where the skin is being pulled showing its tension. The shadows also play an important role for showing darkness and creating an almost eerie feel but also candle lit which goes back to being provacative.

The sewn in words are simple and effective. The material i chose is plain but with little faint marks in a sort of red ocre colour, reflecting the words chosen (bruises). I chose to hand sew them, to make the letters more natural by being uneven and apply a personal touch to it. Also the fact it was made by pushing a needle through, I think, just emphasises this idea of pain.

The heart in the box, made with dead roses and petals. I tried to create an accurate heart shape and use the materials that is often associated with love. However the fact the roses have died and over time will wilt further, gives it a new meaning.

Even though I have a clear idea of what this piece represents, I want the viewer to be able to see it in their own way. For example, it could represent a body disorder where somebody dislikes their weight.

Underneath the boxes is my second piece. It’s is a painted portrait on ripped and layered paper. The texture is important because it’s not straight away obvious but close up you can see the slightly rough feel to it. I chose red and nude colours to paint with to convey pain, blood and anger.


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