Final Piece

I started to make the 3D body idea, that I was going to display with parts hanging inside.

I began by using paper machée over a mannequin, this took a lot more layers than i anticipated. I ended up adding flour to the mixture to give it a harder and thicker layer, this worked really well. After creating the main shape of the body i peeled it off the mannequin and painted in a nude acrylic colour. I hadn’t put much thought into the exterior of the body because i was focussing on how I wanted the inside to look, therefore when it came to painting the outside I opted for a typical skin colour.

I cut down the middle of the body, so that there was a front and a back. I then put holes down one side of each one so that I could insert some ribbon to tie them together. This allowed them to open up like a book, and also stand up closed. Before I was able to complete the inside, they unfortunately broke during travelling to Cardiff.

After having some time to reflect on what I was planning and how it looked, I’ve changed my mind on what I want to do.

I think I prefer a more minimalist approach- so the little pieces I was intending to include inside the body, I will hang inside boxes and display in a series. This idea may have been influenced slightly by an artist named Ana Mendieta.

I’m going to use less than I originally planned, and only have 3/4 boxes hanging, all quite a similar size.


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