1. I need to complete another final piece within my subject area. Following the idea of the inside of the mind, i have this image in my head of expressive words on top of a portrait. I usually like to draw portrait sketches of paintings with shadows and close up, however I want a more simple and small – almost in the style of Egon Schiele. For the top layer (of the text), I want to try to use water-soluble material and sew the letters onto it. I havent had a lot of experience with this media, so i would like to experiment more with it and maybe try out some different ways and also include different materials into it.The layers allow you to see through the words to see the portrait. I like this simple way of depicting something that has a lot to it.
  2. The other idea in my head, that i have is to make a 3D room. This idea is following the research of Wolfi’s art- the main concept for me for this piece is the ways in which people tend to express all the things in their mind. I really liked the repetitive patterns and the way you could look at it for so long and still may not understand the meaning behind it. Its hidden almost. Using cardboard or wood boards for the walls, then I’d like some sort of texture on in so it’s not flat. I could do this with layering paper or even covering it with modelling paste or a salt and flour mixture. For the walls I want basic colours and lines, i didn’t originally want all 3 walls to be colour – i have this image of the middle wall being black with just chalk detailing/text. Then the two walls either side being a light brown back ground with the colour and detailing.
  3. I also have this idea of a body (size to scale), made out of paper mache that opens up to show the inside. This idea came from a quote from the film i have used as research for this module; “you hurt yourself on the outside to kill the thing on the inside”. On the inside i will show how people hurt themselves because of the thoughts or problems they may experience. I wanted to do this by using little boxes hanging in different positions (following the guide of how the body actually looks). One box may have a link to the heart, one the lungs etc but also including little quotes, little paintings inside a box.- acrylic painting of skin being grabbed – small size to fit into a box or to be framed- drops of blood with scars- rope tied into a knot -pills

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