Interdisciplinary Groups Reflection

The board game has steered away from the concept of migration and focuses on the actual movement of the canals and railways. We felt it was more effective to have a simple and clear representation of the transport links, and made it more of a game.

I haven’t felt this field group work has worked as well, for me, as the previous collab piece. I’ve personally struggled to include myself and my working style into this group as the majority of my group work a certain way which isn’t like mine at all. However, I have tried to keep involved and helped where possible. I was worried about not having as much involvement in the final product as the others, but for the sake of the work it was best to let certain people take the lead. Originally, we discussed having the strengths of everyone to show, but we thought this could create a lack of flow and therefore decided to keep to one particular style.

On the side of the work for the project, I have made a few pieces of my own that i feel relate to the piece – we are just not including them into the final product.


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