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I created this little church, based on what the Norwegian Church looks like. Founded in 1868 by Herman Lunde of Oslo and build on land donated by the Marquis of Bute. Cardiff was the first place in Britain to have one. Roald Dahl was a member, he was born in Cardiff to Norwegian immigrant parents. I thought this was an interesting piece to include because of its significance and also because of Roald Dahl. I thought it would be a nice effect to include a quote from Dahl to incorporated him into the history of Cardiff; “Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world”. I liked this quote in particular because it links into the way immigration has changed the city to become what it is now- by having more people here working and creating transport links and bringing money and buildings into the community.


I used cardboard boxes and paper to create the structure, with masking tape and glue. For the outside i used modelling paste to create the texture of the building and used paint and ink for the windows and walls.

I originally thought that the board could be 3D with buildings and bridges created onto it, of which the path of the board game could move through. I wanted to show the development of the migration along side the development of the canals/railroads.

However, this is no longer being used in the final piece.


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