Interdisciplinary Field

Hidden City – History of Cardiff

First ideas:

  • a box- it opens up to show the history
  • slots in the top that we can slide layers of acetate through
  • projection
  • layers showing the development in a timeline

Key moments we may include:

  • cardiff bay- the docks
  • the war(s)
  • black death
  • business’ changing
  • rail roads
  • population rise
  • immagration
  • how the peoples status’ changed
  • story of the canal

Stories- looking at the story of the canal as a main idea

At the start we found it quite difficult to get started, i think because of all our different backgrounds it was difficult to imagine how others would work and what they would want. We started off with the idea of history, and developed ideas and then discussed what materials we could use to incorporate everyone’s strengths but to also ensure engagement. It was a slow start but now we all are in agreement and I think the ideas can be developed further until we find a clear idea that we know will work; we each have little sections that we will research and then as a group we will discuss what looks best and is most interesting.

I’m going to be looking into the development of the population, immigration and the how the people changed- then creating some sort of story board of it. I’m not sure how well i will achieve this because its not something i would usually do.


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