Friday lesson

We looked at the work of Picasso, Cassette Playa, Rammellzee. We were focusing on costumes or masks that they created, but bearing in mind this ongoing concept of the city.

  • futuristic
  • buildings in the costume
  • clothing/technology
  • new ways of communication

I liked Picasso’s buildings in his clothing, it linked really well with city.

i liked Rammellzee, it reminded me of Basquiat’s style – i think i could come back to these artists in regards to my individual city work, in terms of the street art style.

Rammellzee paired with the Wilder mann photo’s reminded me of Game of Thrones style clothing, particularly Khaleesi’s group. The masks and outfits they wear, also made me think of festival looks.

The Lukasa memory board influenced me into wanting to have some sort of communication through the mask or object that i make, so this made me think of patterns on it. I decided i wanted a half face mask/ hat type of thing, and had an idea of patterns across it to be some sort of ID for each person.

It seems what i have gone towards has a middle eastern feel to it, I want to do designs similar to a mehndi on it.


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