PHOTOCITY – final piece

IMG_8938These are my chosen photographs for the Tuesday projects. My moment was graffiti. I think because I’m from quite a small town, I’m not used to seeing much street art so it stood out to me that it can be found quite easily in cities. I started to look at where street art was situated; this is how I came up with the first photograph of the tunnel. This was done on a film camera and then developed, as it was my first attempt at developing film I was quite happy with the outcome. I walked through this tunnel quite regularly and noticed on my travels that the graffiti was always ignored or unnoticed- this led me to my next image. The middle photograph is my favourite. This was taken next to the Cathays train station, it was very small and not easy to spot. I really like the eeriness it carries and the fact that it can be missed by so many. I positioned my camera in a way to try to centre it and also keep it quite dark, also some light editing.  The next is a film photograph of one of the larger pieces of street art that I found – this one contrasts with the small one before. I’m not that pleased with my developing skills in this one but I wanted to include it regardless because I really liked the piece. The last photo is in colour because I felt it was important to show a more traditional style, but also to show it in action. Throughout this series of images I have included aspects of graffiti but also people; people in graffiti, surrounding graffiti and also producing graffiti.


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