Collaborative Groups

We want to incorporate sound into our piece. As we are looking at hidden city, we discussed the idea of all the sounds, conversations, different languages that we don’t take notice of when you’re walking around. We want to present these sounds as people look at the painting. We also discussed an interactive aspect, so we thought about having a microphone or recording device by the painting so that we could hear what people looking at the work were saying but also just casual conversations and little noises.

An artist that we looked at in reference to this idea was Janet Cardiff. She makes videos of her walks, with sound and interactive parts.

As she walks around she videos what she sees but also speaks about what she thinks of what she sees. I found her piece ‘Alter Banhof video walk’ really interesting, I was surprised at how interactive it is. By this I mean, I genuinely felt like I was there in the walk but then at times the realities would change and I’d see the walk the person with the camera was on. I liked that she included the audio, it gave it this inner thought commentary and allowed me to understand on a deeper level what was going on.


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