JR’s work really grabbed my attention, in the way that he uses very large posters of portraiture and uses that as a political statement and representative.

I like the way he gets very close up portraits and enlargePortraitofaGeneration_JR_2006_streetLAdj-oks them so that people in the city cannot miss them or ignore them, they are in your face and almost have that shock factor of being so close to a person. The portraits were of the youth of the ‘banlieues’, whom I think were misrepresented as a generation. JR wanted to bring attention to these people and sort of allow them to be seen for who they are- just people.

Another jrrproject he did that I really like is the Women are Heroes. He pushed boundaries with his work whether that be by his way of displaying his artwork (illegally using the streets as his gallery), or travelling to dangerous areas. This project told the stories of the women in the favalas, whom he felt weren’t represented enough even though they hold the communities together. He mentioned that it was “all about the eyes” for these women. They were very strong and even though their lives must be so hard, they didn’t show pain – instead they showed pride and identity with their eyes.





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