Dryden Goodwin

There’s something about Goodwin’s work that I connect to. I like that it’s not an exact replica, but that he uses details and layers to really depict their personality and emotional state.

I read an interview from http://www.guardian.com with Goodwin, where he explained how he likes to get to know the subjects by building a relationship or working from an existing one. One of his projects that I really like is ‘Breathe’, which includes around 1300 pencil drawings of his 5-year-old son. I find it very effective having such a large number of sketches and on such a large-scale. He displayed the drawings on the St Thomas hospital building which is just opposite the Houses of Parliament. The area he chose really works for the project; he wanted to show the people of the city the effects of air pollution etc. that we often miss or ignore.

I also really liked his Linear project. He drew staff of the underground, again using his pencil sketch technique but he also accompanied it with bits of film and sound. I think this is another way that he builds a relationship with his subjects, and it also helps the audience to get to know them in more ways than just looking at at drawing.

I would really like to try and do his style, spending time to draw the little details in a persons face but including more of them and how we interacted. I have a very short video of a couple in a coffee shop, I quite like the idea of trying to draw them but also include some of the sounds from the video or maybe have my drawings layered over the video. I took the video because I really liked how they were interacting with each other- I was on the other side of the window but could clearly see their love for each other. The way they looked at each other, the little hand movements and when they smiled – I liked how I, a stranger, felt I knew them from seeing these little moments.


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