Collaborative Groups

All three of us in my collaborative group are focussing on Hidden City, so we all discussed how we could put each of our styles into one piece. We came up with two ideas; to each draw a 180 ° view of a certain point and layer our work together, or to do a sound piece recording people in the city and the noises we don’t notice.

We ended up deciding to mix both ideas together- we didn’t think either of them would be powerful enough on their own.

We found an artist that we all really liked; Robert Rauschenberg. I felt that Rauschenberg’s work was very apt for all of our styles and also for the project. We decidedrauschenbg_1963 we wanted to draw our views of a specific point (St. Mary’s street) and collage the different areas together- looking at buildings, colours, street, people, movement, reflections etc. We also made the decision to display this on a wooden board using acrylic, pastels and photo transfers. Along side this piece we want there to be a continuous sound of the city- we hope to have two speakers either side of the painting.


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