Individual work

I took a selfie with my head in a box in N block as a joke but then reaIMG_8862-0lly liked it. I wanted to recreate an image similar but with a different expression on my face. I liked this idea of being stuck with just myself.
I regularly ask myself the question “are you the hero or the villain?” as a way to try to motivate myself in life to be the hero for myself as opposed to making things harder. I feel like this question goes well with this idea of having my head in a box. I tried to do this in a sort of graffiti style:


What I have produced is not what I was hoping for but I found it more difficult to make the box than I expected. This is just my first attempt and I want to practice more with the lines, colours and writing. I also want to try to photoshop the finished product onto a building – an old building.


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