People in the city

IMG_8074 IMG_7793 IMG_7753

I’m interested in the differences between these 3 men; why they’re in the city, what they are doing, how they are feeling. The only similarities that you can immediately see is that they are men, sitting, alone and in Cardiff city.

The man alone on the bench, I think portrays the typical person but all we know is he’s currently alone, and has turned to his phone. He could be waiting, lost etc. I like how concentrated his face looks. It’s as if, although there are people all around him, he’s alone in his own bubble – his phone is all that he can get company from. This reflects todays society, in the way that real-life socialising is diminishing and technology is taking over.

The busker, I feel, reaches out to a sense other than just sight. The fact he is singing and playing guitar allows the viewer to imagine what he sounds like and what type of music it is. I like buskers and what they do for a city. I think cities are notorious for being lonely, but music can bring people together and often make people happier.

The photograph of, what I interpret to be, a homeless man is interesting in terms of hidden city because it is very rare to see this in the day time. I only saw people sat like this in the streets in the evening


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