I think although I’m almost always drawn to the people and communication (or lack thereof) in cities, that I’m not going to focus on it. Being in Cardiff, I don’t get such an intense feeling about the people surrounding me; Cardiff is a unique city in that it’s not as big and lonely as others. What does stand out to me, however, is the appearance of the city.

I really like the range of styles in the architecture; looking at the buildings I can’t help but appreciate the lines and angles. There’s a lot of history in Cardiff too which gives it really beautiful buildings.

There’s so much art in the city from the types of buildings but I’ve noticed a lot of art being painted onto the buildings too. I really admire street art, and I think this is what I want to explore. I like psychological themes within art and I believe street art is a way to express what is often relatable but repressed/ignored.


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