When I was in London, even though the city isn’t new to me, I still had this overwhelming feeling of isolation. There are so many people (strangers) there that it becomes apparent how alone you are. I wanted to try and recreate the feeling I felt as I was walking through the city, I attempted this by using photoshop layering with some of the images I took as I walked.

I think this piece of work fits into Migration because I was visiting the city, and I was surrounded by various other people who each had different intentions for being there. It was the large amount of people that gave me this reaction.

IMG_8875 IMG_8874

Both of these pieces are not up to standard but I thought i’d include them anyway. The layers made it too dark, so i’d need to lighten some of the images more or use less layers. I started with the image on the right with the thought of movement, people at different angles, travel, lights. I thought it was too messy and didn’t really say much to me, so then I deleted one layer and replaced it with a dead pan self portrait. I tried to carefully adjust the opacity of the layers so that you can easily see my face but also see that it is faded into the movement of the city. I prefer this one however still feel it is too dark.


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