Hidden City

Again, whilst in Turkey I noticed some people that would otherwise be ignored. I captured these images because although we have people who need to sell things on the streets or asking for money, they seem to have a similar appearance unlike the people I saw in Turkey. To me, it was quite touching to see an entire family sat together asking for money. I felt compelled to give them something, maybe because of the children being there or maybe because of the closeness they had. I didn’t though. I walked past like everyone else seemed to. I took this photograph whilst walking past them; you can see the feet of passers by, you can see a slight blur of movement too, also the lack of eye contact with the camera gives it another ignorant feel to it.

The second photo is of an older man alone, trying to sell something. I was waiting on that street and didn’t actually notice this man for a while. There was a lot of people and buildings taking my attention at the beginning. I felt bad that I didn’t notice him, I also felt bad that he was there. I think in my culture its unusual to see people of this age spending their time trying to sell on the street.

IMG_8871 IMG_8873


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