Life drawing -artist research

We see rectangle paintings and think of them as normal representations of the visual world however we know that’s not the case

Egyptians used to make the most important subjects bigger than the less. Eg, king is a lot bigger than other people

After photography etc, 1952, Jesus was made bigger because of importance – shagal?

Curved perspective to bring focus onto importance
Ivon hitchens did something with curved too

Anamorphic perspective that da Vinci did to stretch things out etc.
His painting a are correct to linear persp but we know ex knew that that wasn’t how we saw things

David Hockney talks about how visual is represents through diff stages of art
Like from the caves
Animals are painted in perspective so the leg that’s closest is connected but back leg has a gap which makes it look further away.

Edward monk painted a screen- visual screen fascinated with photography (30 years old) and cinematography(modern for him)
He made painting on his finding a and research
Galloping horse painting
The eyeball and head are in detail and high saturation, then the colour gets less and less detail as you get further.. And things bend a bit too. This is cos he was studying how he saw the world .

Evan Walters, famous for painting traditional portraits of big people. Then he became obsessed with double vision and things that were out of focus. Kinda scientific things about vision.
Self portrait of mirror really close.. S his two eyes couldn’t focus and it got squished.
He includes his nose in paintings.

Whats in focus
The shape of how you see
Your own body

Oliver sax, hallucinating


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