Expanding on the style of Adolf Wolfli, I’m going for a bigger surface than my last one and also more materials and layers. I’m also incorporating Auerbach’s rub away and draw again technique to give it depth and more of a journey/process.

I want to create another piece that I could imagine being on the walls of a patients room. I also want to emphasis this idea of emotions overflowing out to show itself. My first layer is charcoal eyes, eyes hold emotion but also create it. To me, it’s almost portraying the feeling of paranoia or it could be a number of different personalities. I like ambiguity in my work.

After rubbing this into the paper, and it leaving just smudges of what it is, I’m going to use string and also ink to start on the mandala style patterns. I want to include a lot of detail, but then cover some of it up with another material. I’m thinking of using tissue paper but manipulating it so that it goes translucent and shows the previous layer.

This layering technique, will depict the amount of thoughts or ideas or personalities that one person may have. It’s going to be busy but I want to make sure that there will be blank spaces too, to balance it out.

I’m currently not sure what to do in terms of colour, I think the most I will use is possible watercolour or pencil and with a limited palette. I don’t want the focus of this piece to be affected by colours. IMG_5657.JPG


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