Some notes towards constellation

DEFINITION: prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion.

The grid

The baby cage consists of a diagonal grid – this makes it intimidating and scary for the child. That’s controversial because its putting them in an uncomfortable position and its similar treatment to an animal/prisoner.

Its intimating because….

Mona Hatoum (artist) shadows of lines creates a creepy space


It was ok then because they didn’t have as many rules as us now, Health and Safety, but also moral rules,

Would they have put these in affluent areas, would rich people have put thier kids in them….Would rich people have needed them as they had gardens.

Research Michael Jackson holding his baby over balcony in LOndon about 10 years ago , and the reaction.

Are these cages actually good though, were there ever any deaths? Did it give fresh air? Could this fresh air have been acheived just by opening a window, what was the benifit, Its nothing like a substitute for a garden.

It was seen as a good idea- because it gave the child air and sunlight! And gave the family space

People have flats these days, may not have gardens – doesn’t mean we’re gonna put our children in a wall mounted cage.

Having a lack of space doesn’t justify putting them outside in a cage

Presumably it was safe, and so they didn’t see it as a dangerous thing

Social times have changed which means that somethings that we do today would have been controversial then, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong to do those things. It just means that we accept or disagree with different things.

It was the fashion- it was seen as a very smart thing to do


Its treating the baby like an animal – putting it in a cage

And outside

Links to plastic surgery de huminising which is also controversial


Babys life in the hands of screws

Open to everything outside – the weather, the nature, above flats

However there were some health benefits – it did give the baby fresh air and sunlight. It was a crowded city and so it would be difficult and therefore parents didn’t take their babies out much.

Linking with the different social times, straight away for me, would be the media. How women are represented is a big one!


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