Gerhard Richter

I’m interested in the work of Gerhard Richter for a number of reasons. I love his abstract paintings and how enthralling they are, by his use of colour and the way he applies paint to the canvas.


GP richter 2

3 I love the way the paint scrapes across and leaves little traces, and the way some of it mixes through the layers.

I also really like his portrait paintings.



There’s something about these two paintings that I really like. Both paintings have the face as the main view point, one is looking almost through us and the other is looking away. Even though we get to see the eyes of “Betty”, I don’t feel I know any more about her than I do “Ella”. They both have this kind of ghostliness about them, very pale and mysterious. The way that “Betty’s” piercing eyes are looking straight at us, and she’s in a position where her face is almost vulnerable, it makes me feel slightly unconfortable. I also get a similar reaction from looking at “Ella”, the fact I can’t see where she is, what she’s doing, what she’s looking at. (just a video i want to watch)

the three abstract paintings: 

portrait paintings:


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