Adolf Wolfli inspired work

After reading the Outsider Art book, I’ve been wanting to recreate something that I think reflects a mental patients work.
I really liked Adolf Wolfli in particular…….. Expand on this.

The main things that I noticed about how the insane worked was repetitiveness, symmetry, words. I created this:


I started off with staining the paper with tea, and then used ink free hand to create the patterns. I tried to do symmetry but because I didn’t measure anything, there are natural misplacements. I did this on purpose because I can’t imagine a patient sitting there planning and with a ruler! I added the writing and tried to make it messy and small to reflect fast thoughts. The language I used was from the film I’m focussing on, but I chose certain words and quotes that stood out to me.

After looking at this picture, I’ve realised that I need to include more detail with the main patterns. I also haven’t managed to finish the middle section yet, in here I plan to draw people/faces with charcoal. Little, rough sketches that are almost childlike instead of detailed and realistic.


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