Outsider art.

Following a short discussion with James, I decided to research into Outsider Art – particularly the book Raw Creation.

At first, I wasn’t convinced that this would benefit me or even be something I was interested in. However, I was quickly proven wrong after re- reading the chapters. I was able to appreciate the work more the second time around because

After reading this book and looking at some of the art works made by the insane, I’m currently torn between wanting to draw this raw emotion that mental people suffer with or express and drawing what they see or feel. I want to portray their emotion and mental suffering through using their body language or facial expressions, but also i want to include some of how they view things or interpret the world. For example, something that is associated with the insane is repetition. I’m thinking i could include repetitive or symmetrical designs within the work. I also want to explore language and writing within my art more, I personally have an admiration for language and it is also a way to include repetition.

This book has inspired me to draw or paint something that is pure expression of my feelings. I want to just draw and not be worried about its outcome as such but just let it flow out. -PARANOIA

Name some artists; and their work.

My version? um mandala?



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