my film grid

i like some of the images i have produced of the portrait of Jolie. i would like to enlarge this and explore different materials and see the effect it has on the way you view the face.

i would also like to use a layering technique, including portraiture as one layer and an image of someone looking out as another.

i want to do this with paint and sketch but im not sure how im going to do this.

im not sure how to achieve a layering technique, and how to ensure you can still see the first layer. i think i need to research into this and how artists have done this. the only way i can think of right now is by using photoshop, but i prefer to have more of a texture and physicality to the piece. maybe i could plan it out via photoshop as a starting point, and then develop it on materials or paper. i would like to use large scale for my art work, but also i want to maybe create little pieces and then collage them into a big piece.

little pieces similar to how the insane created work (raw creation) for example doing little sketches or words on whatever paper they found including toilet roll. i want authenticity. maybe a collaboration with how they may act or express in the mental hospital but also how they express through their appearance – how they look to other people.


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