Jenny Saville

One artist that seems to continually influence my work is Jenny Saville.

I was first introduced to Saville when I was at school, my first reaction was discomfort and disgust. However, I started to notice that my art work had begun to resemble her style, so I looked into her work with a more open mind. Since school, I have matured and learnt more about art – I now have an appreciation for her art and consciously try to learn from her.

I love the way her art creates that reaction, it makes you feel – whether that be good or bad feelings. I like her technique of painting, its thickness and its rawness. I think you either love her or hate her work, you either want to look away or you cant stop looking. I have experienced both of these, and that in itself is why she stands out to me so much as an artist.

I think that there is underlying psychological meaning behind Savilles work, which links into my project of the mind. Her work is very thought-provoking and emotive. CBA


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