So far this has been my favourite study skills session; i felt like this would benefit me more than the other sessions, which may have been because I felt like the previous sessions were going over existing knowledge. I also felt like it linked in with the Controversy assignment more obviously than the others, which made me feel a little more confident about making a start to the essay.

We learnt how to use images/ objects in constellation, and how to analyse them. I also learnt about theoretically underpinning ideas, which is basically about providing lots of evidence for your analysis. Before this session, I didn’t realise quite how much evidence we had to show.

We did an exercise where we had to use ‘Caths columns’ to analyse the covers of the Bond films. I found this exercise very useful, because it put what we had just learnt into context. I think I can succesfully analyse an image now, however I’m still slightly unconfident about the change from the columns to the prose in the essay.

I think for my essay, I’m going to do the main body first – using this technique and then go to the Library for the theory aspect. Then, hopefully, I will have more of an idea of what to write in the intro and a clear direction for the rest of the essay.


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