Summer project

To be honest, i found it quite difficult to think of my interests. After a long think and asking some friends and family, i rIMG_2182.JPGealised that Henna is something i regularly do on myself and my friends. After looking into this idea of doing Henna, i took some photographs of my self with it on. One of the photographs i took that i really liked was of half my face, with my Henna covered hand covering the other half.

I wanted the light to just be on my face and my hand, so i made the room dark and had only one light source shining towards my face. I would have liked to use light blocks or the technical things that are involved in photography, so that my body had less light on it, but I haven’t learnt that yet. I thought of the henna as a kind of cover, a mask – something to hide behind, which is why i have the henna covered hand over half of my face.

I wanted to expand on the henna idea, by drawing this photo out but increasing the amount of henna. I started by drawing my face, focussing on the light and dark areas and then expanded the henna from my hand to surround my face. Within the henna there are different symbolic images such as the lotus flower and eightfold path wheel, that have meaning to me.



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