Emotionless Self-Portrait

Following the Tuesdays project we were given a task to complete over the week – to create a self-portrait that holds no emotion.

I started by sitting in front of my mirror practising an emotionless pose. A few minutes later I had to accept that no matter how much i tried to empty my mind, i will always have a moodiness about the way i look. I didn’t really like doing this exercise, and i really dislike the image i have produced. Its obviously unfinished as well which i think shows my lack of enjoyment. I found it hard to draw myself from the mirror, mostly from lack of experience but also because of my own vanity. I couldn’t make my face look more welcoming or ‘pretty’ because i was trying not to pose.


After this drawing, I decided to try another but in a different medium. I didn’t feel that this drawing represented me enough, so instead i wanted a number of photos. I started taking pictures of myself at random times of the day, just on my phone, each time trying to show no emotion. I was hoping to be able to spot the micro expressions in my face from all the external and internal factors that were effecting me at that time. I imagined a video of photos so they kind of morphed into one another but with slight changes, even though it was the same person and same expressions. Unfortunately, I’m not that good with computers or technical things so the only way I could think of to put the images together was by powerpoint. I also don’t know how to attach it to this post, so instead here are the images i chose to use:

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