inside/outside project

Following the word association, I picked up on the area of the mind. I’m interested in emotions and psychology. So immediately when I see the words Inside/Outside, I think about the aspect of the mind.

From this idea, I wanted to go a little more extreme. Not just the inside of the mind but the importance of the inside and outside. This lead me to the idea of being stuck on the inside and wanting out. Usually, people want to see inside and explore that however i’m thinking about those people who can’t get out.

I want to use the film ‘Girl, Interrupted’ as my anchor, my research. Drawing from scenes and frames that catch my eye as portraying inside and outside, but also portraying strong emotional expressions. When it comes to portraiture, I’m intrigued by the micro-expressions in people, however I am also attracted to the extreme emotions that are depicted in this film.

You hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on the inside.



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